Monday, August 24, 2009


I have my regular Rotary meeting today. Grace is insistent that I take some dessert with me to eat after my "lunch meeting." She has tried to entice me with M&Ms, muffins and chocolate chip cookies. I tried to explain to her that dessert is provided, but that led to another great idea: "Daddy, you can have two desserts!"

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Great Saturday

This Saturday the Birmingham Bar Association coordinated a volunteer event at Children's Village, which is a home place for children who do not have a home. The lawyers brought bounce houses, snow cone machines, games, food and desserts and everyone had a great time.

I brought Grace with me so that she could help. Unfortunately she might get the wrong impression about volunteering, as she had a tremendous amount of fun, as you can see below:

When we were finished Grace asked me if we could come back. We left the volunteer outing after a great lunch and then met my wife at Panera Bread (where I had one of those casual Saturday client meetings). It was a great day--- I was proud of my little volunteer and was happy to share such a nice experience with her. By the way, she was most disappointed that she was unable to stay for my client meeting!