Saturday, December 21, 2013

Things You Find When You Leave Your IPad Unattended in the Office

Maybe They Do Listen

I was most proud of Kate this week. I have a piggy bank in my office (Fathers day gift from James Michael) and she cleaned it out. I told her to put it back, but she said "daddy, it's for charity." She wanted to give it to a homeless man she had seen off 280. She said he looked like a farmer (because of his hat) and he did not have a home or a wife. She also snagged a box of cookies from a gift basket we received. We have both items in the car ready for him and as you can see see made a note about where the funds are going.

Her back-up plan if we do not see him is to give the money to "the Army." It took me a minute to figure out which army she was referring to (hint: think red).

A Very Special Christmas Party

The girls and I regularly take our friend James Michael to a monthly support group meeting offered by the Alabama Head Injury Foundation. This year my law practice (Carney Dye, LLC) and my church (Prince of Peace Catholic Church) were honored to help host the groups annual Christmas Party. It was a lot of fun and the participants really appreciated it.

One of the "moms" brought some amazing BBQ nachos (pictured below), which were my personal highlight of the day. We also sang karaoke, but the microphone was dominated by Grace and Kate. We sang a few Christmas Carols, but before long were singing "Call Me Maybe" and "You Don't Know Your Beautiful." I got a very strange look from my friend Lisa when she caught me singing the latter to myself later in the evening.

We ended the event with some bingo, complete with fabulous prizes. Of course it was a little awkward when Grace won the first game and Kate won the last. God or Lady Luck was looking out for me on that last win because we all know you things don't go well when one child takes a prize home and the other does not!

I know that the Carney Family is already looking forward to next year's party.

Art Adventure

The girls and I enjoyed some Christmas festivities as the Birmingham Museum of Art. You cannot beat or turn down a free activity!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Cowboy Lunch

One of the highlights of the 4k year at St. Stephens is the annual Cowboy Lunch.  One would think we were in Texas.  I enjoy having a flexible work schedule, as it allowed me to volunteer at this year's lunch.  I was the official portrait photographer.
Stick horse race

Creative treats

One of my portraits

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Notes on my Ipad

I found a few notes on my ipad left by 4 yo Kate, such as:



Dad mom

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Littlest Witness

Kate was in the office with me last week and is under the impression that she works with me as an equal. I had a signing meeting with some clients (who brought their one year old grandchild). I allowed Kate to come in to say hi. However, she took a seat at the table and demanded to serve as a witness. Fortunately, the clients had their draft copies, which Kate signed. She even put the date of 9-9-13 (it was backwards, but she did get the point)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Looking Out For My Partner

I was out of the office taking care of the kids this week.  Grace heard me making several appointments with clients for the next day (when I would be out of the office).  Her response was - "You are making a lot of appointments for Mrs. Shannon.  More than you ever have.  You have not even given her time for a break!"

I do need to point out that I did not book any appointments for the lunch hour.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fun With Dad

I had a friend open a new business the other day. There was an open house and as I had the girls with me, I took them to the event. They of course did great. Afterwards, I asked Grace if she had a good time. She said "yes Dad, it was a lot of fun. You usually only take us to funerals and stuff."